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Bubbles Friday…a little history

Waaaay back in the day, at my first real wine industry job, on my 3rd day (which was a Friday, btw), I was training on wine education of our wines, customer service and working in the tasting room. Working at this winery was great experience all the way around but one of the best things was that I, eventually, got to work in all areas of the winery (including doing punchdowns for harvest! Really have to take a pause and show some admiration and respect for those interns & winemaking staff members who kill it during harvest. Whew!).

Anyway, back to day 3….on this particular Friday I was introduced to another cool, winery-culture ritual called “Bubbles Friday”.

5pm ~ Oregon-time ~ Commence cork-popping!

At 5 p.m., when we were officially “closed down”, the sales/hospitality staff and the cellar/winemaking staff gathered together to share wines and socialize. Awesome! Not only were we tasting and learning about new wines, but we were also developing a great camaraderie and good working relationships (double win). People brought all different kinds of wines, from their home cellars, to share but this particular group of individuals shared a real love and passion for sparkling wine so there were ALWAYS bubbles to be enjoyed. So, it was dubbed “Bubbles Friday”.

I adopted this practice in my own life, as time went on, giving a shout out to like-minded friends to meet up for a “Bubbles Friday” at my house, in my yard by the outdoor fireplace, or at a great bar and/or restaurant. This has turned into a pretty happy tradition.

A Grocery Item

Bubbles (champagne, “champers”, sparkling wine, prosecco, cava….), whichever variety is your fancy, are NOT just for special occasions (even though what’s more special than just gathering with friends, old or new, and/or family to delight in time spent together over wine and food??). Bubbles are for everyday enjoyment ~ a GROCERY item, I tell you…..

Go forth, my friends

So, hence-forth, we will be celebrating “Bubbles Friday” here! I will share a favorite sparkler and food pairing, maybe a little story…and, be certain, I will be raising a glass of bubbles to YOU when Friday roles around.

[PLEASE share what bubbles you love and why…would love to try what’s in your glass this weekend]

Bubbles Friday Featured Sparkler:


Roederer Anderson Valley Brut

The first California sparkling wine produced by Champagne Louis Roederer, builds upon a 200-year old tradition of fine winemaking that has made Roederer champagne among the most sought-after in the world.

This is a great one to share for this first “Bubbles Friday” here on the blog because it’s a yummy domestic sparkler that is fairly easy to find. Whole Foods seems to carry it in lots of locations (I have yet to walk into a Whole Foods in Oregon, Washington, California or Arizona that doesn’t have it) AND (bonus!) it’s typically in the cooler, cold and ready to pop and savor.

Another reason is that it is reasonably priced at about $19 per bottle and is impressive in its label and on the palate.

Flavor Profile:

With gorgeous tiny, abundant bubbles, this sparkly has flavors of baked apples and toast with a hint of vanilla and honey with a crisp acidity. You really can’t go wrong!

Food Pairing:

Mmmm. How about some tart red grapes and marcona almonds to start? Then make yourself a little sammy from some crunchy French bread baguette slathered with some fig jam topped with Finocchiona salami and some Boucheron or Robiola cheeses.

You know what else goes great with this sparkler? Some crispy pomme frites or some Sea Salt Kettle Chips. NO. JOKE.


Toast to friends. Toast to love. Toast to a great start to your weekend….Cheers to Bubbles Friday!

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