To blog or not to blog…that is the question, no?

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To Blog or not to Blog?? That is the question.

I get asked a lot about my thoughts on a “winery blog” and yes, I do have an opinion.

I recently was asked this question again by a winemaker, hoping that I would rally to his side (being a blogger myself), insisting that their winery “had to have a blog”. I’m not sure he liked my answer but here it is. I told him:

“I think that wineries have a hard time with blogs and, in most cases, don’t do them well. So, they shouldn’t do them at all.”

Are you yelling at me? Are we fighting?

Hear me out.

In order to write this piece, I put aside my previously formulated opinions and did some new research and investigated 20 winery blogs……

Only one was doing a good job. ONLY. ONE.

What constitutes as a good job? For a winery, here is what I think needs to be done to produce a valuable blog:

Thoughtfulness & Planning – some time, effort and thought (a plan, if you will) put into the why’s, how’s, who’s and what’s of even having a blog. WHY are we going to have one? HOW is it going to get done? WHAT are we going to blog about (and IF you say HARVEST, my head will explode)? WHO is going to write this blog and be responsible for its consistency?

Content – again, if you say “harvest”, my head will pop off. Do you know how many now dead, previously tedious “harvest blogs” there are out in the world? A LOT. Now, don’t get me wrong. Harvest is an acceptable topic to include in your content calendar. Absolutely! But it should not BE the blog. Considering what your valued customers are interested in reading about (briefly! Please make it brief); looking at pictures of (I think good wine blogs should have LOTS of pictures that make me want to either drink or visit them) and conversing about & sharing (hello, social media!) should be the way to decide what your content is going to be.

Consistency – how often are you going to post? Once you’ve announced this blog, you had better offer some kind of consistency and share it with your readers. Figuring out a schedule and sticking to it is HUGE. Your blog should be something your loyal, value customers look forward to and they will want to know when and how often to expect it.

Value – this is MOST important, which is why I saved it for last. Offer them VALUE. If you want a blog just to sell your wares or just to say you have one or someone said you should have one, don’t bother. A blog should be entertaining and pretty but MOST OF ALL, offer some sort of information that is valuable to the reader. How do you know what is valuable to your customer? See #1.

So, I told the winemaker who posed this initial question, if a winery blog provides all of these things, I am all for it.

Benefits for valued brand ambassadors & your winery = win

If indeed the blog is meeting the above criteria, the blog actually DOES something for both the winery and the valued customers. It provides a means of connection on a regular basis by letting the customers behind the curtain, into the romantic and exciting world that is wine and makes them a part of YOUR wine family. It also excites them to share this world with others.

Thoughtfulness, a plan, content, consistency and value. Check these off, get blogging and create a powerful tool for your brand ambassadors to embrace and share your story and wines.

I can’t wait to hear from you in the comments.

Weekly Wine Feature

What’s in my glass?


The temperature is going UP! Time to cool down with some refreshing whites….

Bastianich Friulano

Take a look at that photo above? Doesn’t that make you want to play hookey from work and go have a 3-hour lunch somewhere? I know that it evokes that desire in me. Often! (that photo happens to be my desktop photo on my laptop…oh, boy.)

With summer almost “officially” here, it’s time to stock up on some refreshing and delicious “summer whites” to have handy in the ‘fridge for whenever you get that urge to play hookey or friends stop by.

My “wine that doesn’t suck” series will have a new post soon called “Wine that doesn’t suck: All white wines are NOT created equal” and it will have several fantastic wines for you to try, so keep an eye out for that.

But, let’s start here, with an Italian white that’s delicious, food friendly and affordable (win, win, WIN!).

Friulano is the most typical white wine in Friuli, in the Northeastern region of Italy. Friulano is an indigenous grape variety grown in Friuli for hundreds of years.

This yummy Friulano, produced by Bastianich Winery, is a medium-bodied wine with ripe, luscious pear & refreshing mineral flavors. A zesty acidity makes it a great food wine.

I enjoyed this particular bottle, most recently, at the fabulous “La Villa” restaurant, in San Diego’s Little Italy neighborhood. A very charming restaurant, with a delightful patio (perfect for super long lunches with friends!), it has a classic NE Italian inspired menu and is owned & operated by a passionate and very lovely (gorgeous men & ladies) Italian family. I can’t wait to get back there.

Enjoy your Friulano with some thinly sliced proscuitto, some sharp cheese, a drizzle of Italian olive oil and lots of great company.


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