Work With Me

Identify your goals

Whether you are absolutely new to direct to consumer programs and communication plans or a seasoned winery that needs a refresh, I can help you identify and achieve your goals.

I believe that direct to consumer success can largely be attributed to accessing the right resource for creating a comprehensive plan~a road map, if you will~identifying what success means to YOU and outlining the steps needed to get there. Investing in a thoughtful and specific direct to consumer strategy can fast forward your positive results, create an accountable and achievable plan, and position your brand and programs for success.

Increase your engagement & profitability

I believe, with very subtle shifts, you can increase your engagement and profitability, focusing on the interpersonal connections with your direct consumers with an appropriate brand experience that ranges from virtual (email, web, social media) to physical (tasting room, private experiences, events) to creative (wine club brochures, newsletters, point of sale materials), all which have a very focused and unique “voice” that stands out as your brand. Among other things, I will help you:

  • understand the importance of, and grow, your email list
  • create AWESOME experiences that create customer loyalty (and sell lots of wine!)
  • increase your wine club sign-ups immediately
  • enhance benefits (and downplay discounts)
  • hand-craft point of sale creative uniquely tailored to fit your winery and get results
  • interact with and train your consumer sales staff to SELL (without losing integrity or warmth)

You and I will create a plan as unique & fine as your wines

Using my 16+ years of successful work in customer experiences, hospitality, fine dining, event planning, direct to consumer strategies for wineries, wine marketing, communications, social media strategies, charity work, community outreach and strategic partnerships (and so much more), I will help you create a strategic plan that is as unique and fine as your wines.

Whether its the wine you create or the experiences you provide or the way you communicate with your now & future customers – all of these things are your craft and convey your unique story. Learning how to fully express your story within your wine business will put you at a distinct advantage because it makes your brand one of a kind ~ which, of course, it is.

Next Steps:

As your winery and brand are unique, so will be our time together. We will work one-on-one, starting with a skype call, to get acquainted and identify your specific goals, objectives and needs. From there, I will put together a proposal for us to work together, in person and virtually, that will offer the highest value (and best results) for your investment. Once we have come to an agreement and I am officially engaged, the fun (and hard work) begins! We will go through several phases, starting with the discovery phase, the in-person meeting and consulting, action items & recommendations and follow-up.

This above overview is just a snippet into an experience that can create the kind of customer loyalty and enthusiasm (which = SALES!!!) you can expect from creating YOUR unique, on-brand direct to consumer strategies, plans, processes and creative materials with me during our one-on-one consulting.

E-mail me at or phone me at 503.758.2201 to set up an appointment today.

I sincerely cannot wait to hear from you! It will be my honor and pleasure to work with you.


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