Hello and Welcome!

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Hello and Welcome to the first edition of the Thirsty Crowd.

Thanks so much for being here!! I’m super excited (and if you could see me right now, you would see a dance party!)

I’m Michele Boyer (that’s me in the pic!) and I’m the author here. You can read more about me by hopping on over to my “About” page. Please, take a look around…let’s get acquainted!


So, a little bit about this blog and the Thirsty Crowd:

For the last 6 months, I have been working intensely on FREE content for winery owners and professionals in the areas of increasing direct to consumer sales, communication strategies, branding, strategic partnership opportunities, wine club development & retention, best social media practices and so much more!

You will like this blog if:

1. You’re interested and/or in the wine business and want to:

  • Create brand ambassadors for your wines
  • Reach & convert more new customers to becoming wine club members
  • Increase your direct to consumer sales now


2. You’re interested in the wonderful world of wine in general!

I spend most of my free time trying new wines, visiting wine regions, entertaining, cooking, trying out new restaurants and communicating on social media with some of the most savvy wine industry folks around and I’m delighted to share all that love here.

So, you can expect that every Wednesday, you will be getting some good insights, examples and actionable items to increase sales, productivity and reach. I think this is going to be a great group to hang with for info, love and sharing in the wine biz.


A weekly wine feature – What’s in my glass? (see below for the first one!), interviews with wine professionals, some upcoming wine and winery experience series, and SO MUCH MORE.

I get pretty excited about wine and the biz, so there’s always lots to discuss. Also, I believe that sharing what you love and your most passionate about with other interested, passionate folks is the best way to invite new things in. So let’s share!

Big thanks for being here and I look forward to seeing you in the comments….

Weekly Wine Feature

What’s in my glass?


Rosé de Anjou – 2011 – Loire Valley

Sooo excited for my first “what’s in my glass” feature today! Just a little info…I will always aim to keep this section fun, exciting and diverse but there MAY be a little rosé featured here. Or maybe a lot of rosé. And bubbles. Cause bubbles ain’t just for celebrating (unless you’re celebrating grilling burgers with melted blue cheese and bacon on a Wednesday night because that is a reason to celebrate, no?). Anyway,  there will be all kinds of wines featured here because exploring new wines is one of the things I love to do most. Along with sharing them with you now.

Today’s feature is, indeed, a rosé and one of my current favorites. Personally, I go for dry, crisp, refreshing rosé, with a low alcohol content and this wine fits that bill: 2011 Rosé de Anjou from the Loire Valley, France.  Rosés are some of the most versatile, food-friendly wines to be found and France is famous for making some of the best. This particular sipper is from the Loire Valley, which is known for having some of the absolute best terroir for producing fresh, delicious wines. It is also a great value at approximately $11.99 per bottle.

Suggested Food Pairing: As the weather has turned warm and luscious, I have been inspired to make ceviche. A lot! And my Squid, Ahi & Scallop Ceviche, with tart lime-juice and just a hint of sweetness from the fresh mango I toss in, is quite the lovely pairing to serve with this fabulous rosé.

*If you would like the recipe for my ceviche or any other food pairings I feature on the blog, please email me and I will be delighted to send them to you.

Thanks again for joining me here! Now I want to hear from you. What’s in YOUR glass?

Let’s share in the comments below.



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    • Chris…this is a good place to find out WHERE you want to be brand ambassadors….I think you’re already brand ambassadors (I know you are!).

      Cheers – what’s in your glass this weekend??

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