Have you asked yourself these questions?

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Have you asked yourself these questions lately?

Question #1

What is the feeling that I want my winery visitors (virtual and physical) to have from the moment they discover my story and wines?

“Love” your wines is the easy answer but consider these feelings, as well:






These feelings create “brand ambassadors”, not just customers, who love your wine.

Question #2

What actions do I want my visitors or customers to take?

“Buy” wines is the easy answer but consider these actions, as well:

Share your story through conversations with their friends

Opt-in for your database to hear from you regularly

Follow your story on social media

Be active & engaged wine club members and brand ambassadors

The wine buying then becomes a no-brainer.

 Question #3

Most of all, have you asked yourself how you are connecting with your future and current customers (brand ambassadors!) and making them a valued part of your winery’s story? How you go above and beyond to make their experience memorable and inspiring?

People notice when you:

Really care

Actively & authentically engage

Take an interest in their needs & desires

Go above and beyond, every time

And, they respond accordingly, and enthusiastically.

As Seth Godin says (often): “People don’t buy what you make, they buy how it makes them feel”.

I have this quote written up on my inspiration board, where I can see it everyday, as a reminder to do my most authentic work. It truly is very inspiring to me.

So, I encourage you and your team to ask yourselves the questions above, without any thought to logistics or convenience or really any PRACTICAL considerations, and see what comes forth.

Weekly Wine Feature


Côte de Brouilly~Chateau Thivin

A Gamay by any other name is, well,….Gamay.

Hello, Red Wine Lovers!

I know, it’s weird to see Red Wine here (especially in summer!) but I truly do love all wines. It’s just that during the steamy summer months I tend to like to stick with my bubbles, refreshing whites and tasty rosé’s.

BUT, that doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy a delicious red wine with my evening meal, no matter what time of year.

And this one? Totally worth the trip to the red wine list the other night.

Dinner at Binks

Last Saturday night, friends and I went out to dinner in Phoenix, at Binks. Binks is a new(er) restaurant by Chef Kevin Binkley, who is a James Beard “Best Chef SW” multiple nominee and also owner of the award-winning Binkley’s Restaurant, also in the Phoenix area. Binks is a centrally located cozy, cute place with a serious rocking menu, both food and wine. Check it out HERE.

So, my friends are big wine people, like me, so as soon as we sat at the bar to wait for our table, we were digging in to the wine list.

We decided on two possible bottles of red and this Côte de Brouilly was our second bottle. I have to say, I wished we had had 2 bottles of this wine. It was that good.

This 100% gamay comes exclusively from the steep slopes of Mont Brouilly, which are of volcanic origin, with their complex soils of blue stone. The palate is really bright and has some really zippy acid (which I love!). I also found a lovely stone minerality that reminded me a bit of the sea.

OMG. The Wine & the Food.

This delish wine went REALLY well with our second order (yes, second order) of the French fries poached and fried in duck fat.

Yep. I went there.

It also went well with the many small plates we ordered from Binks extensive and kick-ass vegetable menu, including the crispy red potatoes with rosemary and a poached egg on top.

Are you kidding me, right now??? So yum.

Knock yo sock off!

So, I highly recommend stepping outside of your red (or white) wine “box” this weekend and trying this amazing wine. If you can’t find this one, give another Gamay a go. You might like it, love it or have your socks completely knocked off just like me.

Cheers All!!

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