Change is in the air

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Autumn…a time for change

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Of all the seasons, I love autumn the best. It has always signified a fresh start for me. I think it’s because September was always a new school year and it was all about beginnings. New year, new clothes, the crisp mornings of New England, where I grew up…signaled a time to start anew. I love it.



Also, in the States, harvest is upon us and it’s such an EXCITING time. New vintage. New possibilities. New opportunities to create something special. Memorable. Fine.

So, change is in the air.

As the season is changing, so is this blog and life, for me.

 A grand opportunity…in the PacNW


I’m making an exciting move, north, for a grand opportunity in the wonderful world of wine (of course!). I’m very excited and looking forward to getting settled in my new home in the PacNW. Right in time for harvest!

 The Thirsty Crowd


For the Thirsty Crowd, the change will just be in delivery. I will be going to a bi-weekly or monthly delivery but will still bring you lots of great wine insights, biz tips, events to attend, harvest stories, and, of course, the wine feature: “What’s in my Glass”.

Thanks for being a part of this wine-loving crowd and for following and being a part of my journey. More coming soon!

Cheers and big love.


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