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The Importance of Staff Training and Development for your Tasting Room ~ a guest post by Mary Cressler

Today, I am most delighted to introduce you to a very good friend, talented wine writer & educator, and industry colleague, Mary Cressler. Mary is the owner of Vindulge Wine Education & Consulting. Mary and I met 7 years ago…

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Bubbles Friday~June 14th

Welcome to Bubbles Friday! If this is your first visit, please click HERE to read about the creation, inspiration and history of “Bubbles Friday”. Otherwise, I’m happy to have you here and will get to the good stuff! What’s happier?…

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Are you letting your customers “behind the velvet rope”?

Do this…and create fierce brand ambassadors. Seriously. Because….winemakers are like rockstars. To your consumers. Absolutely. I’ve witnessed this many, many, many times. Mysterious, impressive, romantic. For people IN the wine business, I think it can be easy to forget how…

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