Are you missing the proverbial boat?

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Is your Facebook page doing the #1 thing it should?

Really the ONLY thing it should be…..if I had to pick one thing {this will convert LIKES to sales}?

If not, you’re missing the proverbial boat, my friends.

A little history:

I was doing a consulting for a winery last month and we specifically were focusing a lot of our attention on their social media and creating a Facebook fan page for them, with content development and implementation plans, and while we were doing this, I did some research into 20 top winery’s facebook pages to get examples of good, bad and everywhere in between to share with them and I was SHOCKED by what I found.

Out of 20 wineries, only 1 winery was doing the number one thing that a winery’s Facebook page must, must, must do…

 What is this one thing I consider so important?

Your Facebook fan page MUST link to your web-site and offer an opt-in to your database. Up front. In bold. Easy to find and navigate.

I’ve written other posts about how IMPORTANT it is for your brand to actively, systematically and consistently offer your potential, new and existing customers to opt-in to your database so that they can hear from you directly and have the opportunity to BUY YOUR WINE.

I know. I’m repeating myself….

You will continue to hear this from me a lot. I can’t apologize for being repetitive because I want you to be highly successful and share your story and wines with all your future brand ambassadors just waiting to discover them!

Your database list is your UBER-IMPORTANT. Your list is your life-line to making authentic, trust-based relationships with your brand ambassadors and growing a vibrant community of fans who buy your wine and share your story.

Ok, back to the Facebook topic in particular.

 Here’s the deal with social media:

Social media is an opportunity to reach new people, engage in an authentic way and to both share and gather information. However, without a link back to your web-site, where the visitor can learn more about you, what you do and why you are special, and a place to PURCHASE, its missing out on great opportunities for growth and sales. Wine enthusiasts want to know what’s up! They love to be on the inside of information. And engaging them in this way will increase your sales.

So, go check your Facebook page. Is there a link to your website? Are you offering people the opportunity to hear from you directly? If not, I strongly suggest that you do this.

Please share your thoughts in the comments below. How are you engaging in social media successfully? It’s so great to share insights and thoughts and I can’t wait to hear from you!

Weekly Wine Feature

What’s in my glass?


 It’s Rosé Season, Y’all….

Have I mentioned yet how much I loooooove rosé?

Get ready to hear it. A LOT.

I love rosé. Rosé is happiness in a glass. Rosé evokes images of sun-soaked patios with deep sofas, low tables to easily place your glass on, a fantastic view, a cool breeze, an un-put-downable-book and an afternoon to while away, reading and sipping….sigh.

Rosé calls forth laughter filled evenings, at a long farmhouse table, with old friends and new gathered round, nibbling on amazing cheeses and breads before moving onto a deep bowl of mussels while lamb chops sizzle on the grill….

Oh MY!

My love affair with rosé began in 2003, when I was taught that all pink wine was NOT white zinfandel (a revelation that would change my life. Seriously!) and had my first, luscious sip of a most excellent representation of rosé by the way of a bottle of Robert Sinskey Vin Gris {featured in the picture above}. Sinskey is a fabulous American wine house making gorgeous wines, particularly this pink one. You can check out their equally gorgeous website HERE.


I then began seeking out, and sharing, rosé from the famous Provence, France region, where rosé can safely be identified as the daily lunch wine, and picking up bottlings from some awesome American producers such as J Vineyards, Soter North Valley and Peay

Most recently, my very favorite rosé is the “My Essential Rosé, by Master Sommelier Richard Betts. It truly is all that I love best about rosé: refreshing, crisp, pretty, food-friendly but awesome on its own….yum & yum. Priced at about $12.99 retail, it’s a staple for summer.

IMG_1862 My Essential Rosé….ask your wine shop to get some!

So, as we start the lovely, lazy, sunny days of summer, I urge you to go to your favorite wine shop or Whole Foods (they typically always have a great rosé selection) and chat up the wine guy/gal and get a rosé recommendation for this weekend. I truly don’t think you will regret it.

Then, come back here and SHARE…I can’t wait to hear what you’ve found (and try your favorite pink wine).

Thanks for being here. Big love. And rosé.

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