Where I’m Coming From…and Who I Am

Hello & Welcome! I’m Michele Boyer and M&B Concepts.

My goal is to work with wineries to help them create authentic, sustainable, successful direct to consumer strategies, plans and programs; effectively use technology to save time and reach more people; outline marketing plans that connect with, and retain, their most loyal, existing and potential customers, turning them into “brand ambassadors” who spread the love for those wines.

Why Me? Why Now?

I fell in love with wine back in the late 90’s, working with and learning from one of the top master sommelier’s in the world (now~back then, this was his first official wine position!), while we both worked for a James Beard Award Winning Chef with an impressive 10,000 bottle wine program. However, it was a trip to Willamette Valley, on Memorial Day Weekend in 2005,  that sealed the deal for me to go take a risk and move to Oregon to “break into the wine business”. Since then, I’ve been seeking, striving, doing and applying what I have learned through experience and success for close to 10 years.

This is what I know: I have such a deep respect and reverence for all that goes into creating one bottle of wine (and then selling it!).

I have watched, and then participated in, harvests. I’ve walked the vines with the vineyard manager and winemaker and learned about soils, root-stocks and placement. I’ve sorted grapes and done punch-downs. I’ve sat in the lab and tasted different variations of wine…it’s an amazing process that’s all at once, back-breaking, exciting, exhilarating and exhausting. Winemaking takes my breath away!

On the other side of the business, promoting and selling, I’ve worked the tasting room and ran events. I’ve welcomed media and toured guests through facilities and tasted them on wines. I’ve hosted private tastings for 2 and large groups for Pinot Camp. I’ve sat on community boards and participated in some of the largest and most successful wine auctions in the country. I’ve worked in the winery and hit the road with US distributors to learn every part of the wine business. I’ve met hundreds of fiercely loyal & enthusiastic wine consumers and talked, at length, about what they like, what they don’t and what makes them purchase.

I understand what it takes to both make the bottle of wine a reality and how to get your story and your wine out to the world. I love and respect both processes.

I’ve spent the last few years developing my tried and true practices for direct to consumer, communications and branding success and put together consulting services to work with wineries to help them identify what success looks like for their winery and brand and the steps to get them there.

My Approach

Is pretty simple.


For me, it’s all about you – the winery owner, winemaker, general manager, chief bin washer, communicator, tasting room manager (the wearer of many hats!).  I’m here to work with you and help you get your gift (your wines!) out to the world and connect your brand with your consumer through the unique & compelling story of your wines and the experiences you create around them.

The bottom line is I absolutely love wine, the consumer experience, and selling. I’m really good at tying all three of these things together.

We will work together. Ideas are what I thrive on. Yours. Mine. Ours.

Official Bio


Michele Boyer, owner, chief consultant and wine geek,  has a long history of working in the world of hospitality, food and wine, working with and contributing to the successes of top performers in their fields for 16+ years.

Michele started her professional history with the world-renowned wellness & lifestyle resorts, Canyon Ranch, immersing her in top quality customer service & experiences for 6 years. From there, she became Director of Sales & PR for James Beard Award Winning Chef, Janos Wilder, for his restaurants, Janos and Jbar. Michele’s education on fine dining, food and wine was finely honed while working side by side with Chef Wilder on public relations, marketing initiatives, strategic partnerships, charity work and off-premise events, as well as selling, booking and overseeing an average of 20+ on-premise events per month.

From 2004-2006, Michele had her own, marketing and referral-only events company working closely with the 30+ independent restaurant association, known as the Tucson Originals in Tucson, Arizona.

A move to Portland, Oregon in 2006, specifically to work in the wine industry, led to so much more than just that. Working for world-class, multiple award winning winery, Domaine Serene, first as the Consumer Sales Specialist and then quickly creating the role of  Marketing & PR Manager, Michele worked closely with direct sales and hospitality to create compelling and lucrative loyalty programs and over the top customer experiences, as well as successful and engaging marketing programs and strategic partnerships.  Her position also had her working closely with publications such as Wine Spectator and Food & Wine Magazine and engaging & collaborating with other top wineries around the country for events and promotions. Working with Food & Wine specifically on several of their top-notch, high-profile events including the incomparable ASPEN CLASSIC allowed her access to top chefs, personalities, writers, sommeliers, wine & spirit producers & bloggers from around the world. Connectivity has been key.

All of this experience has reinforced Michele’s absolute certainty that connectivity is the key to success. Connecting with your customers (guests) and over-delivering will lead to fierce customer loyalty which leads to more sales, increasing a businesses profits.

In 2010, Michele started M&B Concepts with a focus on winery’s needs and how she could use her skills, passions and insights to help them be successful.

Michele has taken all of her experience in direct to consumer strategies, customer loyalty programs, private experiences, hospitality, wine communications & social media and combined them all to create programs and work with wineries one-on-one to identify what success means to them and  connecting their brand, on a personal level, with their consumers.


What does the M&B stand for?

Well, the answer definitely shows my whimsical side. It’s NOT my initials (as people frequently guess)…M&B are the initials of my dogs.  My dogs love nothing more than visiting wineries, running through the vineyards and greeting guests.

Please meet……

Mica (her nickname is the B~for the Queen B, as she runs the show most days)

Baloo (ready for his vineyard close-up)