#1 crucial element your facebook page must have

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WARNING!! If THIS isn’t on your winery’s facebook page, you’re missing out (this will convert LIKES to sales)

What is it you ask? First…..

A little history:

I was doing a consulting for a winery last month and we specifically were focusing a lot of our attention on their social media and creating a facebook fan page for them, with content development and implementation plan. While we were doing this, I did some research into 10 top winery’s facebook pages to get examples of the good, the bad and everywhere in between to share with them and I was SHOCKED by what I found. Seriously…no drama.

Out of 10 wineries, only 1 winery was doing the number one thing that a winery’s facebook page must, must, must do…

What is this one thing I consider so important?

Your facebook fan page MUST link to your web-site and offer to opt-in to your database.

I’ve written other posts about how IMPORTANT it is for your brand to actively, systematically and consistently offer your potential, new and existing customers to opt-in to your database so that they can hear from you directly and have the opportunity to BUY YOUR WINE.

 AM repeating myself….(I know, but this is a great opportunity!)

You will continue to hear this from me. A lot. I can’t apologize for being repetitive because I want you to be highly successful and share your story and wines with all your future brand ambassadors just waiting to discover them!

Your database list is your currency. Your list is your life-line to making authentic, trust-based relationships with your brand ambassadors and growing a vibrant community of fans who buy your wine.

Ok, back to the facebook topic in particular.

Here’s the deal with social media:

Social media is an opportunity to reach new people, engage in an authentic way, and, to both, share and gather information. However, without a link back to your web-site, where the visitor can learn more about you, what you do and why you are special, (and a place to PURCHASE), its missing out on great opportunities for growth and sales. Brand Ambassadors want to know what’s up! They love to be on the inside of information. And engaging them in this way will increase your sales.

 Let your people know what’s up!

So, go check your facebook page. Is there a link to your website? Are you offering people the opportunity to hear from you directly? If not, I strongly suggest that you do this.

Please, share your thoughts in the comments below. How are you engaging in social media successfully?

Have questions about your winery’s social media or how and where to add a link to your website on your facebook page? Click HERE to contact me personally.

Weekly Wine Feature



Ermehgad…you must be keeling over because I am actually featuring a RED WINE on the blog! In SUMMER, no less!

It’s true. It’s true, my friends…I actually do drink red wine. Even in summer. Even though I am hard-pressed in the Arizona heat to find a red wine appealing, when I take off to visit friends in California or the PacNW, it is usually PERFECT weather, in the evening, to pop a red wine.

Even better, start with some bubbles and oysters, then perhaps have a glass of a crisp white wine, while waiting for your grilled or SMOKED (do you have a smoker? they are pretty awesome) meats and get a lovely red wine to enjoy with dinner.

So, this week, I’m featuring one of my favorite red wines, {besides Pinot Noir} Chinon.

Chinon wine comes from the vineyards around the town of Chinon in Touraine, France. The vineyards of the Chinon AOC run from the banks of the Vienne, to the hills above Chinon, to the Loire.

The red wines of Chinon are made from Cabernet Franc (one of my most favorite red grapes!). These wines are typically dry and light to medium bodied, and go very well with food. There can be a lovely minerality that gives way to a velvety depth of spice flavors..OH MY!

I have yet to a Chinon wine that has disappointed me or any of my guests…

So, when you’re making your plans for the beautiful, summer weekend ahead and getting ready to fire the grill or SMOKER, instead of purchasing a Pinot Noir (yes, I’m really saying this) or a Cabernet Sauvignon, give a Chinon wine a go. Then, come back here and tell me what you think…I’d love to hear it.

Cheers to a great Wine Wednesday and fabulous weekend ahead!

2 comments on “#1 crucial element your facebook page must have

  1. Red Wine? Red wine? Good work.

    I have to agree that some businesses (not just) wine think they can eat (or in this case, drink) Facebook likes. They can’t. Generate new relationships with customers who buy your stuff. Then you can eat.

    • HA! You were surprised by my red wine recommendation, eh? Yes…I love a tasty Chinon. Yum.

      Thanks so much for your thoughts on relationships. I think they are so incredibly important. Create and nurture. It will not lead you astray. That’s my thought.

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